2018 Dino Dive Medal

When you Arrive:

When you arrive at the park, tell the front office you will be participating in the Dino Dive(you will not have to pay entrance fees). They will direct you where to park. Follow the signs to the registration table. 

Dino Dive activities are from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

Tips for Dino Dive:


Wear your diving clothes under the clothes you wear to the event; then you don’t have to change into it just to change right back out of it!
Choose your “Dive Day” outfit (or post-dive gear) with this is mind: you will be cold and possibly numb, so loose-fitting, easy-on clothes without a lot of snaps, zippers or buttons are best.  When your fingers and toes don’t work so well, it’s not so easy to get some of that stuff back on!
Bring a loose pair of shoes to wear after the dive: something that will slip easily on and doesn’t have tricky laces (think Crocs).


Do NOT dive in: this is a safety regulation and will be enforced by the safety team!!!  Beyond that, remember there is no pressure to fully submerge yourself.  We recommend you do not go into the water above your abdomen. The water is cold (it is January after all!) and will take your breath away.
Do NOT run into the water, there might be things in the water you can not see. You might step on them or kick them and trip.


A plastic bag for wet clothes.
Two towels, one to dry with and one to stand on.
A dry partner to hold your valuables while you are in the water.
River shoes for going into the water, the rocks are very cold on bare feet.
Clean dry under garments to wear after dive.

Fun Facts!

Depth of Blue Hole: 20 ft

Current temperature top: 42 F

Current temperature bottom: I couln't reach the bottom!

Are there live dinosaurs in the Blue Hole? There have been suspicious reports, but no physical evidence has been produced; yet. But, there is plenty of evidence they were at-least there at one time.  Dinosaur tracks are scattered all around the blue hole!

What makes it so cold at the bottom? The Blue Hole is spring fed coming from the bottom.

Mountain Biking

Another adventure the park offers is some of the most technical trails available for mountain bike enthusiast.  But, for beginners don't worry we have trails just for you as well from paved to smooth dirt trails.  So, from beginners to experienced riders we have you covered.  We have miles & miles of different trails available.  We offer breath taking scenery overlooking dinosaur valley to rugged trails through canyons and creek beds.

First Day Bike Riding (Easy) 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


New Years Night Hike to Overlook – 11 pm @ Main Track Site


First Day Beginner Hike – 9 am @ Park Store

First Day Intermediate Hike – 9 am @ Main Track Site

First Day Beginner Bike Ride – 10 am @ Park Store

First Day Horse Ride – 10 am @ Equestrian Field.  Bring your own horse.

Dino Dive – 1-3 pm @ Blue Hole

Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company Horse Ride to Overlook – 2 pm @ Equestrian Field

2018 First Day Hike Pin

Costume Contest

Something new that we have added for some extra fun is our First Day Costume contest.  There are no specific rules for this contest.  You can dress up like a dinosaur, banana; the choice is yours.  Just be creative and have fun!

And yes, we do have a little dippers program available.  You do not have to dip all the way in.  This event is all about FUN. For some its getting a little crazy and doing something different.

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First Day Hikes

The DinoDive is more than just a dip into the Paluxy river.  We also offer a First Day Hike program where you can earn your first day hikes pin.

  • First Day Hikes for beginners: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • First Day Hike Advanced: 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • You can also earn your First Days Hikes pin by completing

            the New Years Eve Hike as well.

Online Special Today!

Reserve your official Dino Dive medal of honor and full day of activities! Only a $10 Donation online or $12 at the park store. Free entry Jan. 1st with Dino Dive purchase!

Collectible Dinosaur Valley Medals and Pins of the Past

Free First Day Hike Pin 2019

Dino  Dive

January 1, 2019

Hike, Bike, Dive​ & Have Fun!